DK 3? It's can't be..

Yup, this is just a random shot that I accidentally taken. Not much more than I can say than that.

This is the “Brain Training” or “Brain Age” Assist Trophy. Given the angle, you can see the numbers are actually on the fighter plain, assuming you where able to see them. As I said this was a misfire on the shutter, I just never deleted it.

But I like poking them!

Tip: Just because its called Lemmings™ Touch doesn’t give you the Licence to poke and prod those poor little creatures all day long.

I’m a long term fan of Lemmings, so this little tip screen is laugh.

If you’re wondering this Level is very much identical to the one with the same name in original.

Note: Due to a Few hickups I’m dropping a few missed days in quick succession.

Why do think this red head is called Pond?

I’m Amelia. I’m here to cover all your progress and report it.

A new game? This is actually taken during the intro.

Amelia…? A Red head? I bet my sonic it’s not.

MikeSharpeWriter, Miiverse 19 Febuary 2015

Both the title and what was posted was a reference to the BBC TV Show Doctor Who, more in reference to the Companion Amelia/Amy Pond.

Saldy, there isn’t much of her appearing in this game, but then it’s a Free to Play, Match 3 game.

Where's has Eris gone to?

Ok, There is a bug in Destiny 1 and 2, which results in you arriving in a empty Tower. Usually The Tower will fill up within a few seconds of landing when that happens, but this time it took long enough to reach the Vanguard table, which I posted before.

So in the early Destiny 2 lore, Eris left the tower a some time before the Red War, and just before she left, she had a chat with Asher Mir. I could imagine her section of The Tower looking like this during the time she was away.

A wild Bedlum?

Another day where I had almost images over the last decade years to choose from.

This is a random shot I more than likely took with 2DS on my Second playthough of the Aloan games. So this would have been Moon, based on the location and file name.

As for the lack of images and delay this week. The week around Valentines day always is a little tricky to get shots.