Pokémon Golbal Battle Union?

This is taken back on 17 January 2012. In part of a the Pokemon website that no longer exists. This is a part of the Pokémon Global Link website, the Global Battle Union section.

Now why did I take a shot of this? One of the Users on here is quite possibly a Serebii forum member, “Shine” however it’s very possible it’s not given how easily the name is copied.

Personally, I never attempted the battle modes that would put me on this listing, so all my stats are actually N/A, or not available.

I may include more shots from this game, but it’s extremely limited as this was before I really started taking screen shots in non-Steam games.

Bathing with the Princess

In Muramasa, you play one of two characters, Momo-hime and this guy, Kisuke.

The woman on sitting on the rock is Momo-hime’s big sister, Tora-hime. The “-hime” part is actually a title, and roughly translates to Princess.

So what’s Tora-hime’s connection to Kisuke? Apparently, Boy-Friend/Girlfriend..

Also, This is the last bathing scene that Kisuke has in game.

Three Dog!

You kids sure know how to fight the good fight! Doggone heroes is what ya are. Thanks!

One of the most well known Characters from Fallout 3 is Three Dog, A Radio host for GNR. In Fallout Shelter, you get to run quests with a few of your Vault crew, and one of them is to visit Three Dog.

Yeah, That’s Kat in the background. Once I could give her the Blue hair, she was going to get her own character.

(Also, I make a Fallout 3 Character based on Kat but I’m not sure if we’ll ever see her.)

This is how I managed to get several hours worth of Animal Crossing that day..

It’s a New Nintendo 3DS! Do you want to play some Animal Crossing Puzzle League?

Puzzle League, or Panel De Pon, is one of those Puzzle games, once I get started I may not put down for a while..

When I say not put down for a while, It’s a case of “one more game” moment, and then you realise it’s almost dawn, after a 4PM start..

This is another Screen shot, that was going to temporarily held, but never got posted.

Funny, huh?

Isabelle: How funny that we just ran into each other like this!

Normally, you don’t see Isabelle on the train. Most of the time, the train is only used in the intro and you talk with someone called Rover.

I usually Travel with Rover! But I can’t really say no is Isabelle!

MikeSharpeWriter, Miiverse, 3rd November 2016

Another Snap, then post a day later image.


Look, plumber’s crack!

Wait a mo! Didn’t I say I missed this one a some time back? I thought I did, back in March!

I however did manage to Snap it. The issue was the PS Vita’s Snap Feature requires a two button press: “PS+Start.” I got it wrong around this time and the game skipped the cut scene as it thought I pressed Start. So I thought I didn’t even get this one.

While Rachet VA got replaced after first game, this game features the old VA, not the new one which I was half expecting given the HD remaster status.